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About us

Gangplank Media is an exciting, intuitive and handy platform that believes in giving content its true value besides creating global connect. This B2B platform is disruptive as it breaks the mold of subscription plans, instead encourages pay per use. Agnostic in nature, Gangplank strives to be the best and most reliable source of content: video and other media for users in genres of filmmaking, documentaries, advertising, TV news, sports, and entertainment channels.

The platform concept emanates from the vision of two experienced media entrepreneurs: Shireen Sethi and Arup Ghosh. Gangplank was founded on the principle of building and implementing a great idea of leveraging content between buyers and sellers at a national and global level.

Buyers would know where to come in to satisfy their content needs on a single platform. Sellers would get a wide range of buyers for the content they offer. And multiply revenues many times over. This would take care of the pain area of not having a robust platform where content trading happens.

The Content would be primarily India-centric filling in the need gap of users who lack a proper forum for tracking such content.


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