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Last Updated On: 05th October, 2017


How do I subscribe to the Gangplank Marketplace?

All you have to do is log in. Once logged in, you can quickly download the product after making the payment.

If I accidentally delete a Gangplank Marketplace purchase, can I “undo” the action?

There is no delete purchase action.

Can I control my employees’ access to the Gangplank Marketplace and purchasing privileges?

Yes, there are different user level permissions. Separate permissions to control purchases and separate permissions to add more users.


Is there a fee associated to publishing on Gangplank?

There is no fee to publish on Gangplank Marketplace.

How do I report content infringement?

You can report content infringement via contact us. Below each video page there is a report issue link.

How will I receive payment for my Gangplank Marketplace sales?

All payments will be processed via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) monthly at the latest, if not sooner.

Why should I consider publishing my content on Gangplank?

Gangplank provides a market for publishers to promote and sell their products and services to Gangplank customers. You will instantly gain access to 30 global markets.

How do I ensure my content will sell?

Ensure it is original, high quality and relevant.

How much can I make?

The sky is the limit. A comprehensive dashboard with analytics will help you assess what content is generating maximum sales and from where.

Who owns the rights of my content?

The copyright to your content will always belong to you.